• 90th Birthday Celebrations of Great QueenIranganie Serasinghe

    Returning to Sri Lanka, Meedeniya met up with Ludowyk and Austrian Jew director Neuman Jubal and got back into theater.The Lionel Wendt Art Centre theater portion of the center opened …
  • Event of Anura Lumara’s Son’s Wedding

    Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage Anura Kumara Dissanayaka (born 24 November 1968) is a Sri Lankan politician, current Leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna[1] and a member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. …
  • Event of Ama & Cricketer ashan wedding

    He was Sri Lanka’s captain for the 2008 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in Malaysia. He was also a member of the 2006 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup squad representing …
  • Event of celebrate New Year’s favors cricket stars with the family

    Sri Lanka have won the Cricket World Cup in 1996, the ICC Champions Trophy in 2002 (co-champions with India), and have won the ICC World Twenty20 championship in 2014. They …
  • Event of President Honours Winning SL Cricket Teams

    Players representing the national team and the President’s House in Fort officials of Sri Lanka Cricket President Maithripala Sirisena met. The President, who had offered to come to the dinner. …
  • Event of Shereen Kumaranatunge birthday celebration 2017

    One of Sri Lanka’s best commercially successful film artists, Kumaranatunga started his cinema career alongside his uncle, Vijaya. He acted in more than 90 films across many genres over the …
  • Kulasiri Budawatta son’s wedding

    The artistic director of the troupe, Mr. Kulasiri Budawatta, originated his routines from his specialty talent on top of heredity. The troupe‚Äôs iconographic performances are conceived with his imagination and …
  • 2017 Valentine Special Program Events with Actress

    very February 14, across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. …

Rain creates havoc

The death toll due to landslides and accidents occurring in coincidence with the heavy rainfall has increased up to 18. The police said that two others had gone missing. The . . . → Listen-Photos-Watch and Read More: Rain creates havoc

Rupee has depreciated (Central Bank)

The Sri Lankan rupee has depreciated when compared to a number of currencies, according to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The rupee has depreciated by 2.39 percent against the . . . → Listen-Photos-Watch and Read More: Rupee has depreciated (Central Bank)

Deep sea fish with trunk

A rare fish variety with a head shape that is similar to an elephant has been discovered by a group of Indian fishermen who have been engaging in fishing in . . . → Listen-Photos-Watch and Read More: Deep sea fish with trunk

Health Minister called upon the nurses to suspend their strike action

Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena yesterday called upon the and resort to dialogue to settle pending issues without putting patients’ lives in danger.

Three nurses trade unions, Government Nursing Officers Association, . . . → Listen-Photos-Watch and Read More: Health Minister called upon the nurses to suspend their strike action

World Conference on Youth 2014

The Roundtable Plenary on Youth Rights took place Wednesday May 7, at the BMICH, Colombo. Photo shows speakers at the head table. L-R: Wasantha Senanayake, Member of Parliament, . . . → Listen-Photos-Watch and Read More: World Conference on Youth 2014

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