Event of Athula Amaya Belated Wedding

Adikari Mudiyanselage Pubudu Athula Adikari was born on March 8 in 1966 at Mahawewa in the Chilaw District to A.M. Kumaradasa Adikari and Lalitha Wickremanayaka. Famous singer Nelu Adikari is Athula’s only younger sister. Athula’s was a musical family. Though his father taught English and Science subjects at school, he loved to play music instruments and sing along with Athula’s mother who was a music and dancing teacher. The background his sister and he got since their childhood moulded them to reach the peak as of at present though they never had any intention of choosing music as their profession. Every one born to this world is gifted with some talent to live.




To what height they can climb up is decided by their previous Karma (good deeds). However much you try to divert one’s path of destiny, it won’t change. Athula’s was also a similar story. Athula studied the alphabet first at Ananda Vidyalaya, Chilaw where his mother was a teacher. He then entered Royal College, Colombo through a Grade Five Scholarship. he was at the hostel. After a few years he had a problem in finding a place to stay. His parents who noticed that it was affecting his studies, took him back to Ananda, Chilaw, when he was in grade 9. And that was how his fate directed towards music.

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