90th Birthday Celebrations of Great QueenIranganie Serasinghe

Returning to Sri Lanka, Meedeniya met up with Ludowyk and Austrian Jew director Neuman Jubal and got back into theater.The Lionel Wendt Art Centre theater portion of the center opened on 12 December 1953 with the production of Maxim Gorky’s “The Lower Depths”, starring Iranganie Serasinghe and produced by Neuman Jubal. Doing mainly English roles at first, she started playing in Sinhala theater in Henry Jayasena’s Apata Puthe Magak Nethe and followed with roles in Damma Jagoda’s Sinhala version of A Streetcar Named Desire, Ves Muhunu, and Porisadaya. The following years saw Meedeniya in constantly changing settings–teaching briefly at Musaeus College, working for The Times of Ceylon after returning from London, doing a stint at the SLBC and handling a post in the tourist trade working as a junior executive and guide of Walkers Tours and Travels (Pvt)Ltd.

Meedeniya started her carrier in cinema in Lester James Peries “Be Safe or Be Sorry” for the Government Film Unit . Peries subsequently cast her in his debut feature film Rekava as a mother . It has since achieved an iconic status in Sri Lanka.

In 1960 Meedeniya married Winston Serasinghe who had appeared in Rekava and some other productions with her. With the new surname, Iranganie Serasinghe achieved fame as an actress appearing in many of Peries’ early works


Priyanjan is the 157th ODI Cap for Sri Lanka. Currently he is playing for only ODIs in Sri Lanka cricket team. He scored 74 runs on his debut against Pakistan. But after that he hasn’t scored something very big except a 60 and a 43.

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