Event of film director Sunil T Fernando celebrates birthday with Artists

Cricketer as well as an athlete of school days now has become a Movie Maker looks ahead to be an industrialist for what he is committed. His triumphs are to protect the past and the current talents in Sinhala Cinema in order to safeguard the future and the dignity of the Sri Lankan artists.


Sunil T Fernando known as Sunil-T currently marks the beginning of his fourth decade through out his journey. He has contributed sixty one cinematic productions to the industry so far.

Sunil-T has to face multiple challenges ahead at a time the global market concentration is very high. Top ten countries in Cinematic Production represent 85% of spectator admission. Another competitive threat is our neighboring giant India, which produces 20% of films to the Globe, which reflects a novel trend for South Indian films in Sri Lankan community, while consistence enthusiasm prevails for Bollywood Productions from beginning. Simultaneously, increasing market share of the Asian participation in world cinematic industry both production and admission may surpass the Hollywood by 2020 as of analytical projected view which itself is a green light for the movie producers of our region.

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