Event of Singer Sanka Dineth Birthday Party 2016



t came as no surprise to many who knew him from a tender age, as Sanka Dineth DeSilva transformed from your normal boy-next-door to a singing sensation. With a love for music that ran hand in hand with a passion for creativity, his rise to stardom was inevitable.

School Life: Sanka’s musical genius started to show during his early school years. He studied at Tissa Central College and then transferred to Panadura Sri Sumangala College, both schools in his hometown, Kalutara. He was a member of the college western band and it was a common sight to see Sanka taking part in most of his college extracurricular activities as well as talent shows, promoting not only his musical talent and composing skills, but also his scholastic capabilities.In a highly demanding educational environment during his Advanced Levels, he still managed to participate in school musical events. He was awarded the post of College Music Director without hesitation by his counterparts and teachers, who by this time knew of Sanka as a versatile and endowed musical prodigy. Composing also brought the opportunity for Sanka to be part of the College orchestra. These two years proved to be vital in Sanka’s musical life, and he explored and studied many aspects and variations of music from all across the world, even as far as the discipline of Opera. Soon after he left school, Sanka joined the band ‘drizzle’ and played for many local functions and events held in hotels and venues across the country.

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