Event of Shriyantha Medis & Kusum Renu 30th Wedding Anniversary



There is renewed enthusiasm in the drama scene.. You must be happy..

Why not.. as a person who was produced by the stage it gives me so much pleasure. New dramas are being made, old productions are renewed and the demand is increasing because of its live factor and probably because people are tired of of tele dramas.

There is belief that stars are not born today, unlike in the past?

I think it is a social problem. In the film scene there popular star eras like Gamini- Malani, Vijaya-Malini, Sanath-Sabeetha. But later filmmakers started taking risks by using artistes with less glamour, focusing more on the gist of the creation instead of the star attraction. Even films like Rekhawa or even Gamperaliya were such creations. But in India where the industry is huge, stars are being born regularly. I hope stars will be born here too.

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