Minister Palitha Range bandara’s daughter Wedding

t was the year 2000, and although he had the opportunity to migrate to Australia with his family; he decided against it. Instead, he took the decision to join the political fray of the country and contest the general elections to represent his community in the parliament.

Minister Palitha Range bandara's daughter Wedding

Taking a stand against the injustices faced by his people, he was selected to Parliament for the first time at the general election held on the 10th of October 2000 being the third on the preferential list. He was an unquestionable leader to his people and rose to fame quickly in the district, and soon after in the 2001 General Election he topped the list of preferential votes. He has continued to enjoy an immense popularity amongst the voters and has since then sustained the leading position in the list of preferential votes and has been a Member of Parliament continuously.

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