Event of Channa and Upuli 25 Wedding Anniversary

Past day celiberated Channa and Upuli 25 Wedding Anniversary
about Channa and Upuli programs
He not only changes the face of dance but also took local dance traditions to the international sphere. With more then 30 years of experience in the field and an abundance of creativity and talent, the Channa – Upuli combination had never failed to delight and astonish audiences from all walks of life.

Event of Channa and Upuli Wedding Annivesary

With the Thala series which goes on boards after a lapse of two years, the team is able to prove their mettle with a unique dance performance which leaves the audience gasping in their seats in wonderment.

“What sets them apart is the hard work and improvisation. Everyone likes to have changes in their life and I make sure that each of the productions varies from each other. The audience catches on and they note a difference and improvement in the art. I base all my creations on movements. It is a spiritual form of dance and a lot of people are attracted to this aspect,” renowned dancer and choreographer Channa Wijewardena spelt the key to the Channa – Upuli Performing Arts Foundation’s success.

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